Currently Christian Projects funds... Leadership 21 This is a tour of leading churches on the West Coast of the USA for developing leaders of Churches of Christ. Such a tour is to be held in October 2017. Teamfest. This is a gathering of leaders and team members from larger churches from around Australia. The next of these will be held in September 2018. Youth Vision. This is an annual inspirational event run for youth leaders and teams. CP subsidises the travel costs of delegates from Churches of Christ.

Leadership 21

Every 2-3 years Christian Projects sponsors 10-15 ministers on a study tour to the United States for a 2 week period.


In 1988 a group of...

Team Tour

Christian Projects organised TEAMFEST where Linn Winters of Cornerstone Church (Chandler Az) was the guest speaker of a gathering of teams from larger churches at the Gold Coast A similar...


Ted Keating has made himself available to mentor senior ministers and staff members. Ted has had extensive experience in larger congregations and brings some wisdom and experience to this...

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